PixelShy: Balloon Catcher

The second minigame that will be included in PixelShy. Just 22 to go….! ;-;

Turns out I can create a fully-fledged game in under 12 hours. What does that mean? Phroghressss!

Have fun!

Rest office: Epilogue.

How in Equestria can I keep up with the repairs?! UNGH!



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Just look at that MANE! FABU—- Wait, why is my portrait in Chrysalis’ castle?! o___o

Also, my hoofwriting is terrible

Also, my hoofwriting is terrible

A minigame present in PixelShy. It adds a Sound Manager and a Sound Downloader to the whole project (that’s why it took so long).
Big thanks to Lex Rudera who helped me with getting the song BPMs and sampling these. You rock. Like a rock. Rock.

80% of the songs used are downloaded dynamically so you don’t need to wait forever for the game to load.

Note: Lag-sensitive, please make sure you disable apps running in the background (antivirus software is a huge memory-eater). The game will TRY to optimise the arrow spawn rate, but you can always adjust it manually :)

Psst! A DDR minigame is ready

Llooking for tracks to add, because so far it’s just rhytmic key pushing, but hey, I can score a few perfects in a row! If you want a sneak peek, nudge me here or on skype. After this one is finished, I will work on Torrent’s arc epilogue

Any suggestions for music around 120BPM? (Actually, anything might do, as long as it’s pony and withuot profanity)

Obligatory question mark -> ?


{Mod poni(left)}

Ever though of trying to think of other famous ponies, like take a moment to think ignore the fact that you’re running out of ink and you’re outlines will soon disappear and think, I know we’re also loosing are memory every sec.

But think..


Well I guess everyponi is famous in their own way..

I think everyone has their ups and downs..

Even tho I can really remember anyponi I use to know..

They’are still special in their own way…

{Mod poni} hey maybe we’ll see them next time…

for now just wake up…


{Torrent} wat?

Wibbly wobbly Torrent, you can’t forget that, can you :D


The walkthrough is available on my DeviantArt, link in the game. Use at your own responsibility : ]

Title Card for DetetiveBot starring Cpl. Wiggles and his fake pupils!
The game has been uploaded yesterday, so get it if you missed it (patched hourly xD)

Also, 599 watchers!!

Title Card for DetetiveBot starring Cpl. Wiggles and his fake pupils!

The game has been uploaded yesterday, so get it if you missed it (patched hourly xD)

Also, 599 watchers!!


I am sorry for the delays, but finally, after two months, here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen! Let the Mystery Solving commence! Autosave enabled and as always, a bigger version with HINTS and WALKTHROUGH can be found on DA, link in the game.

Even though I’ve got a few ideas for new games, I will focus on the blog a LOT more for the time being.

I have learnt a fair bit about structuring and optimising games while working on this one. I love how I made it modular and UNIVERSAL. Adding stuff has never been so easy — I can add a fully working piece of evidence in two minutes, including descriptions and interactivity. All in all, a framework for future projects. Also, finally got the X-Ray concept in one of the games! xD

The Ask contest winners can be found on the photo screen once they’re found in game, surprise, got so few asks with references that I decided to include all who qualified! :D Magic!

Soon you’ll see what all those coins Torrent’s been gathering can be used for :) Wooot!

It will be weird to return to the land of the living afer two months.. I actually spent 90% of my free time on the piece.. was sun always so bright..? @_@

If something doesn’t work for you, contact me, please